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Samuel L Jackson singing for equality and justice

All you celebrities out there who poured ice water on your head, here is a chance to do something else. I challenge all of you, to sing the “We We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free some”, here we go.

I can hear my neighbor cryin’ ‘I can’t breathe’

Now I’m in the struggle and I can’t leave.

Callin’ out the violence of the racist police.

We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free.

We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free.

Come on, sing it out!

Stephen Fry just made my day
I have been a big fan ever since seeing “The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive” so to find him adding me to his list felt kinda special. I’m sure it’s just a thank you for following him but fun nevertheless.

The Boing Boing effect
This is what happens when Boing Boing mentions you in a blog post.