Multiplayer gaming back in 1999

In the local paper
The kids and I are in the local paper. Seems the reporter is bad of hearing. We clearly told him that I was from Holland and my wife Japanese. No idea how she suddenly came from South America?

I updated the caricature made by Alex Gallego
Back in April 2014 Alex Gallego made a caricature for me but seeing that these days I no longer shave I decided to update it. To keep it in his style I simply cloned the stubbles of my head to my chin.

Caricature by Alex Gallego!
I met Alex when I first joined Google Plus and always loved his work so when he offered a special discount price for Google Plus users I leapt at the chance. He finished the drawing the very next day and when I mentioned that I had short hair it took him minutes to addjust the image.

I’m very pleased.


Goodbye Britain, you were an awesome home
I’m off to rejoin my family in Japan.

Stopover in Dubai

I got my visa for Japan today!
When we applied for my wifes UK visa we had to jump through endless loops, submit stacks of evidence and wait many months so when it was my turn for my Japanese visa I expected the same thing. I came prepared with a bag of documentation to the Japanese embassy, the guy asked for my passport and the 1 sheet form, went to the back and 5 minutes later presented me with my visa, at no cost! I asked him why and he said that The Netherlands and Japan have a special visa arrangement.

Next time I will do my research and avoid sleepless nights!

Our little bun in the oven
Hinata is looking forward to play with his little sister.

Eccosys Webcam in Tomigaya
Back in 1994 I saved some of the images shared on the Eccosys webcam which I turned into a Quicktime TimeLapse movie back in September 1995.

The original movie no longer plays on modern computers so I converted to MP4.

London to Oxford bike ride for Cancer Research