Scored myself a Buffalo WHR g301N
Found this at the second hand store on my street for 900 yen, that’s about 5 ukp. This model takes the dd-wrt firmware so I’m no longer stuck to the Japanese cripple ware that they install on routers here.

Was not that straight forward but 30 later it is purring along. Now have to get to grips with all the possibilities as this firmware is loaded with features.

Will amend this post later with links and info on how I did this.


I kept using the same chopsticks every time we ate which my J-Mum took for them being my favourite so when they wore down she bought me new ones ^_^ […]

I got my visa for Japan today!
When we applied for my wifes UK visa we had to jump through endless loops, submit stacks of evidence and wait many months so when it was my turn for my Japanese visa I expected the same thing. I came prepared with a bag of documentation to the Japanese embassy, the guy asked for my passport and the 1 sheet form, went to the back and 5 minutes later presented me with my visa, at no cost! I asked him why and he said that The Netherlands and Japan have a special visa arrangement.

Next time I will do my research and avoid sleepless nights!