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Just installed the first nightly, so far looking great, good to have tap and notification light control back again, also with root not being there I got no complaints with the Google Play app, good stuff!

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Nexus 5 sound problem when recording video

This is a small video I made to demonstrate the sound problem you hear when recording video with the Nexus 5. The problem has existed since the launch of the Nexus 5 and the fix in 4.4.3 only made it worse, even in 5.0 the problem is still present.

Now to avoid misunderstandings, the phone is actually doing what it should be doing which is eliminate background noise while boosting the speech, after all thats what phones are for. Sadly this noise cancelation is also applied to the camera app, resulting in garbled or under water sound.

There is an app in the Play store called Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder which enables you to select rear, front or both microphones and this tells us that the noise cancelation is applied to the front microphone.

Ideally Google would add microphone and noise cancelation options in the camera app so users can select how they want to record sound.

In this video you will hear 5 sound clips. First of the front microphone, back microphone, both rear and back combined and lastly with a sound fix from someone over at XDA Developers. Sadly this needs root but gives the best quality for video recordings.

Download Hi-Q MP3 recorder here:

Sound fix by chdloc available here: