Gigabyte GA H170M-D3H
Intel i5 6600
MSI Geforce 960 4gb
Balistic Sports 32gb
Samsung SSD
Corsair SC 550w

Multiplayer gaming back in 1999

Apple Assistance Center in Slough
Yes that is the same Slough of “The Office” fame.

My old Commodore 64 setup
This is somewhere in the late 80’s. Seeing I bought my Amiga 500 while I was still in school and I did not get my Commodore 64 till I started school this must be between 1986 and 1988.

Bought some G4 handles as backup
Seeing the G3 handles are brittle and rare I decided to buy some G4 handles to serve as a backup.

Blue and White G3 towers, not well packaged
The 2 Blue &  White G3’s arrived but sadly the seller did not package them well and they arrived with the lower handles completely smashed. This is the first time ever that I had a bad dealing with Yahoo Auction, curious how this will be resolved.

Contacted the seller, he said he could refund me but this is not about the money, I want a complete case and seeing he had another auction going I suggested he removes the plastic parts, wrap them up well and post those to me. He agreed to do so, I will update once I get them.

Just bought a Blue & White G3!
A small step towards my first hackintosh.

CyanogenMod is dead, long live LineageOS!
Just installed the first nightly, so far looking great, good to have tap and notification light control back again, also with root not being there I got no complaints with the Google Play app, good stuff!

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In the local paper
The kids and I are in the local paper. Seems the reporter is bad of hearing. We clearly told him that I was from Holland and my wife Japanese. No idea how she suddenly came from South America?