My kind of smartwatch.

I have been eying the smartwatch scene for some time but a watch that struggles to run for 1 day does not sound very smart to me. This is why I got myself a Mi Band last year. Tiny little thing that counts your steps, shows time and date, captures your heartbeat and vibrated for notifications. All that while lasting almost 3 weeks on a single charge.

The only thing that bugged me was the readability of the tiny OLED screen in bright sunlight. Not to worry, Mi has not been sitting still and while they joined the fancy smartwatch scene with their battery slurping Pace they also made the Bip and its simplicity is perfect.

Instead of a fancy screen it uses a reflective lcd screen, the more sunlight hits it the better you can see the display! For nighttime there is a back-light feature and it does everything the Mi Band did but better.

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